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The Scoop on the Loop | August 2023

Trail Closing

The Raccoon River Valley Trail is closed from Redfield to Linden effective August 7th for major bridge reconstruction and resurfacing with concrete. This project will take several weeks to complete. The Redfield Depot will remain open during this time.

The reconstruction and resurfacing of this stretch of the trail is a continuation of the work to upgrade the “southern part of the loop.” Next year the stretch from Waukee to Adel is scheduled for resurfacing with concrete. It is hoped that this project can be completed in 2024, but due to the rising costs of materials, the work may not be completed until 2025 when additional money will be available.

RRVT Apparel

RRVT biking apparel is now available for purchase at all metro Bike World locations and Kyle’s bike shop in Waukee. Jerseys are $70, Shorts $85, and Bibs $100. Wearing RRVT gear is another way to support and promote the trail.

There is a limited supply available now so we encourage you to make your purchases as soon as possible. Later this summer the apparel will be available on line. Below are pictures of apparel with front and back views

RRVT Annual Banquet Survey Response

Over the past several years the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association (RRVTA) has held an annual banquet, typically in the winter. The purpose of the banquet is two-fold:

(1) Bring the biking community together for an event to promote the trail and biking

(2) Serves as a primary fundraiser for the RRVTA

This year we sent a survey to our trail supporters to receive their ideas on the banquet; specifically seeking input on three topics: location, format, and date.

There are four “trail towns” with a facility large enough to host the banquet: Adel, Waukee, Panora, and Jefferson. When asked which city they preferred, Waukee and Adel were the top two choices.

Presently the format of the banquet is a social hour, dinner, live and online auctions, and a guest speaker who usually talks about biking. Survey respondents preferred that the format stay the same.

The banquet is held in either February or March and the majority of individuals suggested that we keep the banquet in one of those months.

Thanks to those who replied to the survey, and we are now working on the 2024 banquet.

The Last Link

At the Iowa Bike Expo in January the question we were asked most often at our booth was when the connection between the RRVT and High Trestle trails would be completed. The answer is 2024.

In the summer edition of the Iowa Natural Heritage magazine is an article entitled “The Last Link” and it provides a detailed look at what it took to connect these two nationally acclaimed trails and the impact it will have on the communities along its path. Below is a link to the article.

Exploring the Evolution of E-Bikes in the United States

E-bikes have gained a solid foothold since emerging in the biking world over the past two decades, and their increased usage has sparked interest and questions in the biking community. While many recognize their ability to enable and extend access to trails and bicycling that may otherwise be limited or impossible, their amplified presence has led to concerns around speed and safety.

In an article in the Rails to Trails Conservancy magazine (Spring/Summer edition current policies on e-bikes, the perceptions and concerns around them and their potential benefits are examined. Two RRVT Association board members, Roz and Stan Boyer, are quoted in the article and offer very interesting insights. Below is a link to the article.

Article originally appeared as the cover story in the Spring/Summer issue of Rails to Trails magazine.





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