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Support the Raccoon River Valley Trail
by Becoming a
Friend of the Trail!

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association (RRVTA) relies on the support of many individuals and organizations to promote and enhance our historic and Hall of Fame trail for enjoyment by local and nationwide trail enthusiasts.


Over the past several years, the RRVTA has generated an average of $13,500 annually through trail permit sales. Starting in 2024, however, the counties that own the trail (Dallas, Greene and Guthrie) are ending the requirement for annual trail user permits. While trail permits partially funded trail improvements and promotion, they also created barriers to access and caused confusion for people arriving on the RRVT from other trails. Eliminating the trail permits aligns the RRVT with other Central Iowa trails for easier use.


Though a permit purchase is no longer required, the funding need for trail support and promotion is ongoing and important for awareness and tourism. The RRVT is a nationally respected and acclaimed Iowa attraction enjoyed by more than 350,000 trail enthusiasts every year. The attraction is instrumental to supporting and contributing to the local economy and the livelihood of the trail communities.


We hope that you will join other supporters by considering a donation to the historic trail so that we can continue sharing this unique opportunity throughout the state and the country. Your support helps attract trail users who generate business for the communities along the trail and the state of Iowa.

The RRVTA is an all-volunteer operated organization, and we are thankful for your consideration of joining us to continue improving the trail experience for its local and national users!   

Through the support of many, the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association has:​
  • Provided counters for the trail to measure trail usage.

  • Assisted in the "Let's Connect" project to link the RRVT with the High Trestle trail, creating 86-mile and 118-mile loops, and is expected to be completed in 2024.

  • Developed and maintained a website to promote the trail, offer information on the trail towns and keep trail enthusiasts informed of updates.

  • Promoted the RRVT both locally and nationally through advertisements in tourism guides and publications.

  • Led efforts to secure induction into the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame.

  • Designed and produced RRVT biking apparel for promotion and trail revenue.

  • Annually hosted an RRVTA banquet to gather biking enthusiasts for an evening of fun and education about Iowa bicycling.


In the future, through the generosity and partnership of donors and sponsors, the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association (RRVTA) hopes to:

  • Increase promotional efforts to increase visitors from across the nation through promotional videos, website enhancements and expanded advertising to a national audience.

  • Host regular trail events, such as bike rides, birding and visits to historic locations within the trail communities.

  • Work in partnership with the trail counties and towns to improve trail amenities, including public restrooms, artwork and signage.

  • In partnership with other organizations complete an economic and health impacts study of trails in Iowa.

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