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Stay in the Loop!

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association relies on the support of individuals and organizations to keep our historic trail in good shape. Our partners and sponsors understand the value of having scenic, historical and nationally recognized opportunities for Iowans and tourists to enjoy our state while supporting our local businesses. We hope you'll consider joining us by purchasing a trail pass and/or partnering with us financially as a friend or sponsor!

Your donation to the Raccoon River Valley Trail will help us continue to maintain and promote this nationally-recognized Iowa treasure! The RRVT has given new life to a number of small Iowa towns that were economically damaged as railroads ended services. Now, the trail attracts visitors and once again connects communities to more economic opportunities.

Through the past support of many, the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association has:

  • Helped connect RRVT to the Des Moines metro trail system

  • Assisted in the completion of the "north loop" of the trail in 2013

  • Provided counters for the trail to measure trail usage

  • Assisted in the "Let's Connect" project to link the RRVT with the High Trestle trail, which will create an 86-mile loop and 118-mile loop, and is expected to be complete in 2024

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